Lash Lift Protocols

Eyelash Perming Procedure

Client Preparation: A PATCH TEST IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 48 HOURS PRIOR TO TREATMENT. Technician should follow basic sanitation procedures. Fill out Client Record card. Have client remove contacts. Place client in a partially reclining position in the facial chair. Drape clean towel across client's chest to protect clothes. Remove all eye makeup thoroughly with a non-oily makeup remover and dry area.

Client Record Card
Clean Towel
Hand Mirror
Non-Oily Makeup Remover
Cotton Pads
Bowl of Water
Natural Tears Eye Drops
Tissue Q-tips or 100% Thin Cotton Strips
Perming Lotion
Nutritive Liquid
Pre-Glued Eyelash Curlers

The SHELF LIFE for PERM LOTIONS unopened is 2 years – After open (with no contamination and kept in a cool place) is 6 months. Makes sure you replace lids tightly to prevent oxidation of product.

Helpful Tips
For VERY COARSE LASHES: If lashes keep popping off rods apply #1 Pink Perming lotion to lashes for 3-5 minutes and then start procedure. If AC unit is blowing on client cover eyes with dry cotton pads so as not to affect Perming process.

You can cover the lashes with a small/clean piece of plastic wrap after each lotion is applied - this helps the curl take better.

Make sure you handle the rods from end to end so you don't weaken the pre-glued rods.

Pre-curl the lashes with a lash curler.

If you have SOME that pop off the rod you can use the glue to give them some additional help on sticking to the rods. You can use a toothpick to apply a small amount of the glue – MAKE SURE NOT TO GET THE GLUE ON THE SKIN.

Choose Client’s Curler Size: Observe the thickness and length of the eyelashes and select suitable eyelash curlers. Small curler gives a dramatic curl, Medium curler gives a natural curl and Large curler gives a softer curl.

For Medium to Thin Lashes – Processing Time: 10 Minutes
For Thick Lashes – Processing Time: 15 Minutes Have client gently close eyes and apply selected pre-glued eyelash curler close to lash line on upper eyelid. Make sure curler fits well on both corners of the eyelids. Use Lash Curler to curl lashes (optional). Take a toothpick and lay lashes into the curler one by one separating lashes in an orderly position so every eyelash is even and secure on the curler. Make sure no lower lashes are stuck to the curlers.

ALWAYS apply product from center of curler to the edge of the curler. Apply a small amount of the 1st application (Pink in color) onto a Q-tip or small piece of cotton and evenly apply onto your eyelash curlers. “SET TIMER” For PROCESSING TIME.

This is the curling agent to make the eyelashes curl naturally and beautifully. Apply a small amount of the 2nd application (Light Blue in color) onto a Q-tip or small piece of cotton and evenly apply onto your eyelash curlers. “SET TIMER” For PROCESSING TIME.

This is the fixative to hold the curl in the eyelashes for approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Apply a small amount of the 3rd application (Coral in color) onto a Q-tip or small piece of cotton and evenly apply onto your eyelash curlers for 5 minutes. “SET TIMER” For PROCESSING TIME.

This is the Nutritive Liquid to nourish, enrich, moisturize, repair and protect the eyelashes. Apply a small amount of the 4th application (Translucent in color) onto a Q-tip. This is the Cleanser to clean and remove the glue from the eyelash curlers and the skin. It helps to remove the eyelash curlers easier and gently.

Before client opens eyes put Natural Tear drops in eyes to soothe. Hand client mirror so she can see how GREAT she looks! Make sure to record rod size used and processing time. Tinting of eyelashes can be done following Perming procedure. These products are for Professional Use only -- You must fax a current State License to purchase product on 1st order.

**This site is for informational purposes only. Always follow specific directions of manufacturer.

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