Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Protocols

*Cleansing/Exfoliation (tail down and at angle)

1) Cleanse Clients Skin
2) Have tissue or towel to wipe debris near by
3) Turn On your device to Low/or High
4) Wet your clients skin
5) In slow movements work the blade across your clients skin in cleansing pattern. Add additional water to the skin as you go.
6) Repeat for 1-2 passes on the face.

Esty Tip: you can use this setting to remove masques and scrubs and enzymes. Not recommended to use device under steam. Also, this process should take between 60-90 seconds

*Extractions (tail down)

1. Prep your clients skin for extractions
2. Wet your clients skin (use of steam is optional)
3. Turn On your device to Pulsing setting
4. With one corner of your blade and your other finger on the opposite hand wrapped in gauze or tissue, perform manual extractions.
5. Brace the nose and with the edge of the blade, slide blade gently downward working the sebaceous filaments and comedones
6. Wipe any debris as you go.
7. Use any kind of post extraction fluid and after care

Esty Tip: you can use any desinscrustation solution to help ease extractions. Heres an easy recipe if you skin care line does not carry a solution

1 teaspon/5 mL - Baking Soda + 8 oz./240mL - Distilled water

*Product Penetration and Massage (tail up)

1. Apply generous amount of serum or gel masque of choice to clients skin
2. Turn on Device to Low/or High
3. Place blade flat against clients skin and move in up- and-out motions.
4. Pass over the face for 5-10 minutes for a lifting effect on your client's skin.


The last setting is your negative ion only setting. This setting can be used on stubborn skin with comedones. Much like Galvanic this tool can be used to soften and pull debris out of the skin.

  1. Prep skin with a desincrustation fluid for Anaphoresis
  2. Turn on your device
  3. Press Z, (you are now in Galvanic Negative [cathode])
  4. Grip your machine making sure to have contact with the silver sides.
  5. Place device on skin tail-down and swipe in across in in cleansing pattern
  6. Work over skin for 5-10 minutes to create chemical change in skin.
  7. Proceed with extractions and after care.

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